“Mushroom” for Sammy

I have two teen-age granddaughters close in age. They are Patricia and Sammy. I promised them a “Mushroom’ each. I tried to make the “Mushroom” individually as I think they would enjoy. Today I will post Sammy’s. Tomorrow I will post Patricia’s—Please note—Color is a little off—should be showing deep purple.

For Lorraine in Australia

I was asked to send a “Mushroom” to a very worthy lady in Australia. A check was mailed to me covering the “Mushroom” and expenses. This was made for Lorraine in Australia as requested. I very much appreciated this being done! It helps a bunch! Here is the “Mushroom”.

“nothing Too Damaged”

“Nothing Too Damaged” There is nothing so damage that it cannot be made into art! I compare this to us human beings. no matter how damaged we can be made whole. Just trust. Every time I see a badly damage piece I think of the beauty of life. How I love every minute I have left on this earth! This is an antique granite-ware campfire coffee cup mounted onto an antique granite-ware plate, The plate is 9″ in diameter. Can you imagine the stories these could tell—let us sit around the campfire 100 years ago with some cowboys and listen to their tales!


“Life” I almost hate to post this one as I will never do any better. It is “Life”. —An old battered bucket, obviously ran over-smashed, and shot hundreds of times—it is “Life”. My God can take an old battered life and change it just as I took this old battered bucket and made it into a piece of art I love—This was contributed to by Barbara Kaiser of Florida and Anthony Bozzuto of Florida–both provided sea shells and coral after the hurricanes. Peter in RhodeIsland keeps me in a study supply of crystals that I can somewhat afford. The Hag Stone–(Holey Stone) came from Israel where Jesus could have walked.—It is 14″ up and down,19″ across. The bucket sticks out about 4″.