My Uncle George

One of my favorites human in my life was my Uncle George. to this day I tear up when I say his name, Uncle George! So precious–and I don’t know the correct thing to call it. Growing up, it was called “slow”. How I wish I could have the heart Uncle George had. He taught me so much! If you have an Uncle (or Aunt George in your life, please let us consider he,/her for some art! If you have a special person, grown or otherwise, then please lets do it! Such pure hearts!

A thought This Monday Morning

A thought this Monday Morning—-In a little while Arleney and I will start packing the “Mushrooms” to go across the USA and overseas. Most all will be “Paying It Forward” or donating to a charity. It is not my wish for you to damage yourself financially. Please give what you can comfortably give–You do not have to give $75.—–If your family needs it I would much rather you take care of them—give what you can!—In my younger years I have heard “Give until it hurts!”. No, No No, my God does not want or need it! Take care of yourself, your family, and then give what is comfortable. Like my friend, the great and wonderful creator of the Miracle Cross Gardens near Montgomery, Alabama, Reverend W.C Rice would sav, “Jesus doesn’t need your money! He wants your love!”

Today is “God’s Day”

Good Sunday morning—Some will say it is “The Lord’s day”—Some will say Saturday is the true “Sabbath”. I say, every day is God’s day and he is enjoying me being on this earth. His arms encircle me or I will truly fall, spiritually and physically! God has a purpose for me or I wouldn’t be here. He gave me the best soulmate partner wife, Arleney who always encourages me. I am so wealthy with what God has given me. I am grateful!

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Folks, I never dreamed of what is happening with the “Mushrooms” and I give all credit to Daughter Cindy F. in Utah for placing them on a site where this could happen. I am going to change a couple of things. My heart goes out to children so some “Mushrooms” will be more children oriented. I want children to know they are special and that will be my goal. —I want everyone to feel good but children, after this next batch, will be my focus for a little while.