Specially for Missy

My youngest daughter Missy has the largest amount of my Birds, Garden Stakes, Hanging Ornaments. and misc. so decided to make her something special. This ball (Hanging Garden Ornament) will now measure about 6″ across. I have no idea how much it weighs but I do know there are 2 pounds of Apoxie Sculpt on it. I will


never make another one this large. This is the one and only.

Restored Antique Carved Bird

I search eBay daily for carved antique birds which are damaged. Although this cost a pretty penny, its beak was damaged and one tail feather broken off. I am now glad the seller was not honest in telling me the damage as I would have probably backed off.—But here it is now after a little TLC and the right stand for it. I love it!

Pigeon (?)

Here is another one of the larger pieces I have been working on. I have no idea what kind of bird—rescued it from eBay—restored and refinished it. The stand in an antique industrial mold.–One of my favorites!—It is 29″tall—the bird is 11″ end to end.


Over the past several weeks i completed 6 or 7 pieces such as this. This Rooster is one of the most favored ones. I purchased the Rooster on eBay and reworked it. I made the ball—The stand in an antique wooden Industrial mold.—My Caregiving Grandson Jacob is holding the Rooster. it is 9″ beak to tail—height is 30″

Sam.s Bird

Here is another of the pieces I just completed. This is 100% Sam McKamie’s carved bid. It is exactly as I received it from Sam., The stand is an antique wooden Industrial mold. The ball is as completed by me. The bird is 19 1/2″ end to end. It is 32″ tall.

Best yet

The last few weeks have been spent working on a few larger pieces. After I saw the Chicken Weathervane on eBay, which was beyond my reach, I decided to create pieces that were ‘statement” pieces. Here is one of six. This one is 32″ tall and the bird is 22″ end to end. The ball is about 5″ in diameter. The bird was carved by Sam McKamie—I added wood sculpt to the wings and carved a little more. Sam is the basic carver. I tweaked it a little. The stand is an antique Industrial mold.