Two “Mushrooms”

Everyday my vision becomes less and posting becomes more difficult. I am cutting back on the number of photos–too difficult on my eyes—Here are two “Mushrooms” just completed. One is for Postman Tong—(another story)—The Blue Bird was carved by Sam McKamie–tweaked a little by me and painted with 1-Shot enamel paint.

Arleney’s Sphere

Every Queen should have a sphere and my Arleney is a queen. I spent many hours working on this. It is 51 1/2″ in height and 6 1/2″ in diameter. I have not yet decided where to place it. My grandson Jacob is holding it in the picture. I just don’t think I can do better.

“Mushrooom” for fence post

This next piece is the first one I have completed in this manner. Notice in the last photo there is a screw dowel mounted in the bottom. It is so the piece can be mounted on a post or deck railing outside. I will be making more of these. The bird was carved by Sam McKamie, i tweaked it a little and painted it in one shot paint. Again, Barbara Kaiser and Anthony Bozzuto can be thanked for the wonderful seashells. The Marble Cullet is from Rick See of West Virginia.—I was fortunate to obtain several Kennedy 1/2 dollars so I am adding them with the Susan B Anthony dollars


For several days I have worked on this piece. It started with a 4″ x 4″ x 8″ board given to me by my son-in-law- Terry Gates. I tweaked an unfinished carved Crow from Sam McKamie and painted it in 1-Shot enamel. I roughed the board up–knocking off the corners, then added a great piece of Driftwood from Stacy Dungey. I then added the seashells furnished by Anthony Bozzuto and Barbara
Kaiser, plus the marble cullet by Rick See. I also added a Kennedy 1/2 dollar and a Susan b Anthony dollar. Here it is—One of my largest pieces.

I Love Skunks

We all know I love skunks! I have this old white enamel-ware plate from the 1950s. So I painted the skunk with 1-Shot Enamel and placed matching black buttons around the edge. I added the Kennedy 1/2 dollar and the Susan B Anthony dollar —-and here it is.


I think of 2020, a year of almost horror. Thank God I had a wonderful wife to see me through it–Death was so close more than once. It stared us all in the face so many times. Hand in hand Arleney and i walked through that Shadow. December I thought it caught us but with prayers of family and friends we survived Covid. Then 2021 burst into all its glory. I have never seen our gardens more alive. Arleney and I seem in so much better health!. We have our vaccinations and are enjoying each day God grants us. I would like to share a few more scenes taken in our back gardens.

Missy’s Garden Stake–My Best Yet

I am using more and more sea shells and coral, thanks to both Barbara Kaiser of Florida and Anthony Bozzuto of Florida—Both of them are wonderful artists–They furnish the sea shells and coral, usually following the storms.—-How can I ever thank them!—This Garden Stake was made for my daughter Missy. I incorporated the sea shells and coral with the crystals, and other. The stake you see was cut down a few inches after the photos were taken–was too top heavy, I honestly think this stake is one of my best pieces. I wish I could show it to you in person.