ol’Roff (Roff Graves), born in 1936 (now 84 years old) for years operated an antique shop/ folk art gallery in Lodi. California—Graves Country Gallery—See www.gravescountry.com. He is married to his soulmate wife, Arlene Graves. They reside in Stockton., California.

The gallery closed December 31. 2012 due to ol’Roff having a  massive Pituitary Tumor. (A portion of the tumor is still on ol’Roff’s brain stem.)

After the tumor of 2012, ol’Roff was blind for a month or so, then miraculously receive sight back in his left eye (Right eye remained blind). He was also granted the miracle of being able to paint and create art. He has been at it ever since. Now his eyesight is dimming and he is quite ill but he continues, depending on steroids, to keep him going. Every day is spent in his studio/garage.

Presently he has created over 500 pieces of art, paintings, finished carved birds, Missy’s Garden Stakes, Signs. ol’Roff’s Mushrooms. Most all have been given away to family members and friends— and others, asking them to donate to charity or “Pay It Forward”. Those creations went to every state in the union, 9 different foreign countries on 3 continents. See Roff Graves on Facebook

You can read more by viewing www.gravescountry.com.

This website was created to enhance www.gravescountry.com and will be used to display the art of ol’Roff commencing January 01, 2021

Please Read—-Last Sunday, January 10, 2021, Arleney and I discussed this. It has been a problem for me since I started to paint 7 or 8 years ago. I absolutely do not like having to deal with it so here is what we, Arleney and I came up with. (1) You can buy a “Mushroom” from me for $75. (I pay shipping) or (2) You can make a suggested $75. donation to a charity such as (1) Make A Wish Foundation, Smile Train, Special Olympics. Angel Tree, or a Charity devoted to children (please let us know the charity)—– Also “Pay It Forward” obviously works and that we will continue that! —You may request a “Mushroom” or piece of art and you can “Pay It Forward” by helping someone you would not normally help. The amount is between you and our God–please help until you feel it!—-Every month, two or three Mushrooms will go out to people We want to have one—nothing but “Thank You” is expected