“Love Abounds”

inally here is the piece I have been working on. It is 19″ up and down, 13″ across. I was having a hard time naming it then as I was writing the names of the people who contributed something to it, the name came to me “Love Abound”. Love is as endless as time. Pieces on this date from the 1800s to present. The Holey Stone (Hag Stone) on this is from Israel, where Jesus could have walked. Such love is on this. You can feel the love as you actually gaze upon it. This was contributed to from folks all across the USA , even Alaska—-Such Love—I am overwhelmed!

5 Garden Stakes

Late this afternoon I photographed the 5 garden Stakes I just completed. These take a long time to make. The top ball is approximately 4″in diameter—the length is about 30″. One end is sharpened so they go into the ground fairly easy. All 5 have been spoken for. The last two were chosen by Arleney to go into our garden. These are the largest I have or will make. This is the first time I have placed a name on one

Blue Bird

Back to finishing some of Sam McKamie’s birds. Here is a blue bird I painted with 1-Shot enamel. I placed it on one of the “Mushrooms” I make. I think it belongs.

Sam Mckamie’s Signed Bird

Please Note—And I apologize to Sam McKamie as he signed most of the smaller birds—Here is the first time I have shown our signatures on a piece. This is another one of Sam’s great smaller birds. here you will get a chance to see the signature of a Master Carver. it is my honor to have my signature on a piece that has signature on it. I purchased a group of these birds in 2020 from Sam but illness prevented me from mounting them.

Two Garden Stakes

I love our backyard garden. I love seeing these stakes in the larger flower pots and or flower bed. Recently someone requested one. I am making a few. Here are the first two. Sorry for the shadows. These are much larger than ever before. The top is at least 3″ in diameter. The stake is about 30″ long

For Little Cooper

I finished this little boy’s “Mushroom” a few days ago but for some reason the paint is not drying as it should. Perhaps the dryer in the 1-Shot Enamel has evaporated. This took a lot of concentration and grabbing to get it completed. In this weather the Apoxie Sculpt has a mind of it on and often acts like quick sand, swallowing up what ever you apply.—Little Cooper, so sweet is and will further be added to our list of g-grandchildren very soon. It is with extreme joy that I make him this.—-And I want to thank Andrea for the letters used in the name—And I am not sure who to thank for the train engine and caboose. So many of you are sending things! Thank you!

A White Bird by Sam McKamie

Almost a repost but picture is different—-For the last 2 or 3 years I have worked with Sam McKamie of Arkansas. The birds he carves are wonderful and are very reasonably priced. I often buy a few (or several) at a time. Several months ago I made some of the “Mushrooms” and placed a dowel in the center of each. Today I placed a second one of Sam’s birds on one the dowels, mounting it onto the “Mushrooms”? The bird was totally carved and finished by Sam. I made the “Mushroom”.—photos were taken inside our house.—Also here you can see two birds by Sam.